The NAC Cafe will be closed Friday, March 15th, through Friday, March 29th

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Where is the NAC Cafe?

The NAC Cafe is located on the main level of the Nichols Athletic Center (NAC) on our Upper School Campus (US). Known by some as our "servery", the NAC Cafe will operate out of the small kitchenette nearest to the vending machines on that level. 

What will be the hours of the NAC Cafe?

The NAC Cafe will be open 3:15PM to 6:15PM on Monday, March 4 through Thursday, March 14.

Who is able to take advantage of the NAC Cafe?

All persons are encouraged and welcome to use our NAC Cafe. That includes any and all students on any campus, any BB&N family or friend visiting our campus for games or events, and any individual or team scheduled to participate on our campus. 

Will my food be kept warm and/or refrigerated as needed?

Yes, we have both a food warmer as well as a refrigerator in the NAC Cafe to keep food items safe until you are able to pick them up any time between 3:15 and 6:15 each day. 

Do I have to order food in advance in order to have food options?

No, you dont have to order in advance to have food options. We will be distributing fresh fruit items and snack bars free of charge each day to BB&N students. We will also have pizza by the slice available to purchase on-site until inventory runs out. 

Why cant I order after 1:30pm?

We cannot process orders after 1:30pm each day as we need time to provide all of our orders to Ma Magoo's so that they can prepare them and deliver them to BB&N NAC Cafe by 3:15p.  

  • IF you place an order between 1:30pm and 12:00am (midnight) we will not be able to fulfill your order. Instead we will process you a refund within 7-10 days. 
  • Unfortunately, we cannot move orders from one day to the next. 

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